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Tribal Dance - Moroccan, Magrebi and Muwashahat

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Ling Shien articles Turkey- Now on the Gilded Serpent

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Take a rhythmic journey through North Africa and the Middle East as FatChanceBellyDance® and Helm, in a meeting of the tribes, release music previously available only on cassette or videotape.

FCBD┬«’s Music for Tribal Basics has been the standard for entry into the world of Tribal Belly Dance. The straightforward presentation and steady phrasing in a variety of tempos have made it an essential tool for teaching, practicing, and group improvisation.

In Music of the Hahbi ‘Ru, Helm’s principle percussionists, Mark Bell and Frank Aviles, weave an intricate web. The layering of lyrical improvisations on traditional Arabic rhythms gives tribal-style dancers the freedom of creativity critical to this style of dance.

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